October First Dinner


Spinach Artichoke “grass” with carrot fingers,

broccoli and chicken

Mashed potato graveyard

ritz crackers crushed into “sand”

Broccoli trees

Cucumber grave stones

with red glittery decorating gel

and a pumkin candy


Half sliced banana bodies

Peanut butter on top

Blueberry and Apple “shells”

Raspberry and Blueberry faces

Strawberry and Banana legs

Candy eyeballs with peanut butter


October First Breakfast!

Mini green food dyed marshmallow stem

Apple Pumkin slice

Peanut butter and coconut on top

Arroz con leche pudding

eyeball candy

Red Glittery Decorating Gel

Mouse boiled egg

Pretzel Tail

Candy corn ears

Red glittery Decorating Gel eyes

Orange glittery Decorating Gel Nose

Chedder Cheese mouse food

Pillsbury cinnamon roll “pumpkin” cooked in my waffle maker!

Green and Orange food dyed icing.

Chicken and Green Spaghetti


Scobby snacks

Strawberry face 

blueberry eye

Eyeball candy 

Banana body


Crouton ears

Blueberry eyes

Pasta (green dye) and chicken


Arroz con leche pudding (food coloring) with candy eyeballs on top

Peanut butter mini cookie with melted chocolate spider web

Apple slice cut with Skull halloween cutter

Peanut butter ontop with coconut, crushed chocolate

2 bread slices cut into a spider circle

Peanut butter and strawberry jelly

Pretzel legs

“Vomitting” blueberries and strawberries with whip cream

Melted chocolate eyes

Malibu Chicken Pasta

Carved Pumkin Orange

stuffed with Strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

Gerber cookies wrapped in melted marshmallows and candy eyeballs

Gerber yogurts

Malibu Chicken Pasta

*Recipe in “Meals” menu bar

Toddler Salad


Scobby Snacks


Gold Fish


Pumkin carrots

Pumkin Cucumber


Boiled eggs

Lemon Pepper chicken