Strawberry, kiwi, and banana snake


Mashed potato monster with eyeball candy


Chicken pieces

Strawberry face

banana tongue

Blueberry eyeballs with peanut butter to stick

Sliced kiwi and banana with a strawberry tail

with Coconut on top

Piggy Pancakes


Cinnamon Toast cereal


Stack 3 circular Pancakes ,

Raspberry ears

Blueberry eyes

Whip cream tail

Melted chocolate nose

Chicken and Pumkin rice

Monster Asparagus with candy eyeballs

Baked carrot and potato pumkins 

Broccoli trees

Chicken and Spinach pieces

Pumkin Rice balls (Bought a pumkin ice tray at walmart)

*Recipe on how to cook Adult meals on “Meals” menu bar,

Sunnyside and Avocado toast


2 Apple slices with peanut butter and marshmallow teeth

Arroz con leche pudding

Half a strawberry with a candy corn longue

Blueberry eyeballs and coconut on top

Toast pumkin bread (used pumkin cutters)

Sunnyside pumkin egg

Avocado on pumkin toast

Knorr Sopa Letras


Knorr Sopa Letras Packet with yellow cheese on top

Ritz Crackers

Fruits with whip cream

Gerber cookie with melted chocolate eyes 

Scrambled Eggs

Watermellon Teeth

Graham Cracker with peanut butter on top

Blue berries Eyeballs

Whip Cream Smile

Scrambled eggs with Cooked tomato eyes